This how you work with the Influentials platform

When you are logged in within Influentials you will end up in your dashboard. Click on 'settings' to complete your account. Follow the checklist below to check whether your account within Influentials is complete and ready for use.

✓ Fill in the details on your profile

✓ Connect your social (s) media channels

✓ Select the network you belong to

✓ Fill in the address details on your account

✓ Fill in (if applicable) your payment details

✓ Go to the marketplace and see which campaigns are available to you there.


Fill in the fields under 'profile'.

Don't have a website? Then you do not have to fill in the field at 'website'.
Under 'biography' write something about yourself and your socials. This text is visible to companies and serves as a short introduction about yourself. 

Add to 'categories' the categories that suit your socials. IMPORTANT: do not add too many categories here but only the ones that you really match. Our advice is to stick to a maximum of 3.


Link here your social media channels that you want to use for influencer marketing campaigns. You simply do this by dragging the slider and following the steps shown in the pop-up window. The socials you link are visible to companies. By moving the slider the other way, you can also disconnect socials.

The statistics of your socials will be visible within 48 hours at the latest. We collect the data that is publicly accessible from the past 30 days. By expressing them in graphs, changes become visible. Your demographics will update every month!



As an influencer, you are automatically 'checked' by our public network, which is increasing daily.

In addition to the public network, some influencers are also part of a 'private network': an exclusive network to which you must be invited by a brand. Are you invited (by email) for this? Then you belong to a select club for whom certain private campaigns are visible. This network will also be checked next to the public network.


Enter your name and address details under 'account'. This data is only visible to brands when you officially start a collaboration (when you have signed a contract). It is important that this information is filled in completely for when the brand wants to send products to your address.

IMPORTANT: are you going to move or (for a longer period) abroad? Then adjust your address. This way brands know where they stand when they select you for their campaign and where the package should go. Did your had to move (or can't go to your PO BOX) due to de pandemic, please change your address as soon as possible!

Please fill in the telephone number and e-mail address where you can be reached easily. This way, Influentials or the brand can reach you when there is important news about your collaboration.


Enter all your payment details as far as known.

Are you not from the Netherlands or are you not registered with the Chamber of Commerce? then, of course, you leave the areas 'VAT number' and 'company registration id' empty.

After entering this information, your Influentials account is ready for use: you can now enter the marketplace to collaborate with brands!

Check out this article for more information about getting your financial reward.