The marketplace and selectionproces

Take a look at our marketplace!

When you log in to Influentials you enter your personal profile. You can then go to the Marketplace to view the latest campaigns.

Recognize the different types of campaigns

You will find various campaigns on our marketplace. We divide them into three groups:

  • The campaigns that are live and suitable for you. These can be recognized by a clear layout.
  •  The campaigns that are live but are not suitable for you. These are indicated with 'not available for you' and a clear layout.
  • The campaigns that are no longer live and where the registration has just been closed. You can recognize these by the transparent layout and are also referred to as 'expired campaigns'.

This means 'not available for you'

Sometimes a campaign is marked as 'not available for you'. This means that you cannot sign up for the campaign and this may be due to (one of) the following reasons:

  • You do not have the right social channel. (For example, you cannot sign up for a campaign aimed at Youtubers without a YouTube channel. You can find out how to change this in this article.
  • You do not have the right social reach. (For example, as an Instagrammer with 3,000 followers, you can't sign up for campaigns set from 5,000 followers.) If your reach is at 0, it means that your data is still being processed. Come back a little later, you should be able to apply for the campaign again if you match the reach.
  • You are not living in the right country. (As an influencer from Belgium, you cannot sign up for campaigns aimed at the Netherlands. You can find out how to change this in this article.
  • You don't have the right categories. (As a beauty influencer you cannot register for campaigns that focus on food, travel, and lifestyle. You can find out how to change this in this article. More information about what the categories include can be found in this article.

This is how you sign up for a campaign

When a campaign has sparked your interest, you can click further to read the accompanying briefing and assignments.

Have you become enthusiastic and would you like to participate in this campaign? Then click on 'Apply'. This shows the brand that you are interested in.

Change up your mind? You can withdraw from the campaign by clicking the 'withdraw' button.

This is what happens from the moment you sign up

The selection process of takes up to 2 - 5 days. It depends on the brand really. Sometimes there are urgent campaigns which start the next day, other campaigns are open for 1,5 weeks.

The moment you click on 'Apply', your registration for the campaign will be received by the brand. The company receives all registrations and has in most cases 2 - 5 days to select the desired collaborations.

Signing the agreement within 3 days

When you ultimately belong to the final selection of a campaign, the company will make this noticeable by sending you an agreement. You will receive a message in your mailbox, as shown below. In this email, you will also find the link to the agreement. It is important that you read and sign the agreement via this link, within 3 days, in order to participate in the collaboration. Are you not doing this? Then your agreement will expire and you will unfortunately not be able to participate in the campaign at that time. Please note! In some cases, the brand wants to start as soon as possible. So don't risk it and read and accept/decline the agreement as soon as you find it in your mailbox. We also keep you updated through WhatsApp if an agreement has been sent to you, so make sure you provide us with your number.

Got questions about the campaign or the agreement? Once you've received the agreement, the chats start too! In the messenger you can ask the brand your questions regarding the campaign.

The brand starts the collaborations

When you and the other influencers have accepted the agreement, the brand will officially start the campaign. When the brand does this, you will receive a final confirmation that you have signed your agreement and that the campaign will now start for you.

Read the briefing and your to do's carefully

Before you start with the campaign, it is important that you read the briefing and associated assignments carefully (you should have done this before accepting the agreement already). You can find this under Campaigns.

When you click on the campaign title, it will lead you to the detailed briefing.

Brand starts a chat

When you have received final confirmation to participate in a campaign (you have signed the agreement), the brand will often start a chat with you shortly afterward to coordinate things for the campaign. This often happens the same day the collaborations have officially started and you will receive a message in your mailbox. This email will lead you to Messenger where the chats can be seen.

Start making content!

In most cases, we've already provided the brand with your address. Once you've received the product it's time to start creating content. Here are a few tips so everything goes smoothly during the collaborations:

  • Stick to the assignments and guidelines as well as possible! If you have a video assignment, but post the video in a carousel or instead of a video a photo, you can't load it up... We need you to load up your content in order to collect the results which are very important for the brand.
    Our platform doesn't support IGTV yet, so please stick with a normal Instagram video for a video post assignment. :)
  • Not sure you can meet the deadline, please let the brand know as soon as possible! In most cases, they come with a solution or make an exception. Good communication = key.  It shows you're taking it seriously and professionally. If you don't meet the deadlines without a valid reason or appear to be unresponsive, we have to make some measurements. You can read more about this in this article
  • Got other ideas for the content that don't quite match the guidelines/assignments, let the brand know first! We admire your creativity, but the brand has set up these assignments for a reason. It's, therefore, best to discuss your ideas first instead of freewheeling and ignoring what is expected from you.

If you have an urgent question for the brand that can't wait, you can always ask it on the chat on our main page. We can then ask the brand to contact you.