Help! I want to resign from a collaboration early, what to do?

In this article, you’ll read more about what to do if you’re collaborating with a brand but want to resign early.

Firstly, the agreement you’ve accepted is binding, this means that you cannot simply get out of the collaboration that easily. We would kindly ask you only to apply for campaigns that you can fully commit to when it comes to deadlines and assignments. So try to avoid any disappointment for you and the brand before say yes to quickly! Keep in mind that a brand launches a campaign to reach a certain goal. They’ve set up this whole planning and work up a specific budget for their campaign. In order to achieve their goals, they start a collaboration with you.

It is therefore very annoying for the brand if the collaboration has to be stopped halfway through the campaign. However, there are a few moments before the official start of the campaign for you to prevent this from happening:

The Withdraw button

Did you sign up for a campaign, but you shortly realize after that the assignments are undoable for you or maybe the brand isn’t the right fight? No worries, as long as the campaign is live on the marketplace, you’re still able to withdraw from the campaign.
Once you’ve clicked the apply button it turns into a withdrawal button. By clicking it again, you will be removed from the list of applicants and the brand can no longer select you.

‘Is there a travel compensation?’ ‘How many visits does the campaign include?’ ‘Can I give the products away?’ ‘Will I be able to move my appointment if I no longer can on the approved date?’
If you have any questions about the campaign, don’t hesitate to ask! We can check it out for you and the brand to make sure everything as clear to you before you apply.

Decline the agreement

You’ve been chosen for, sweet! At this point, you’re still able to cancel the campaign on time. Read all the assignments, the deadlines end briefing carefully, and most importantly the agreement. Some brands may have include extra terms to the agreement. Think about appointments that cannot be moved, or you have to give your preferences / respond with x days. The fine print is very important, so don’t forget to read them before hitting the accept button.

Please note that this is the very last chance to let the brand and us know that you cannot commit to the campaign after all. You click the decline button and your agreement will be canceled. Pay attention! It is not possible to reverse this process. So if you accidentally clicked decline, you will, unfortunately, have to pass on this campaign.
By delineating the agreement, you give the brand the opportunity to look for another influencer in your place. Keep in mind that the brand itself is responsible for making the selection and they’ve chosen you with a reason out of all the other applicants. They clearly saw the perfect match in you!

But what if the campaign has already started?

Of course, it may happen that in case of impotence you have to stop the collaboration early. Think about illness or unforeseen family and private circumstances.
Communication is key, so be honest and let the brand (and us if you’d like) know as soon as possible if you run into something and can’t finish the assignments on time.
Influentials is not part of the collaboration you agree upon with a brand, but we’re always there if you need help and support. Feel free to contact us if something isn’t going as planned.

Turns out you can meet the deadline or provide the content the brand asks for after accepting the deadline? See whether you can come with a suitable solution for you and the brand. It may be possible to postpone the collaboration a little and pick up some time later. It’s best to complete the campaign a little later rather than resigning from it.
If you and the brand have decided to break off the collaboration will remove you from the campaign. This way, the open assignments will disappear from your to do’s.
Is the brand unreachable or demanding more from you than the stated guidelines? Let us know immediately. We can offer support if necessary to ensure the best possible collaboration between you and the brand.

So to recap it all, pay attention to the details when you’re about to apply for a campaign. Read everything carefully and speak up if anything is going wrong. Need help? Please shoot us a message and we’ll always be there for you!