Defention Categories

Categories for campaigns

When you look around our marketplace as a brand new influencer and click on a campaign, you will encounter them every time: the blue bars at the bottom of each campaign briefing. These are the categories associated with the campaign and are determined by the brand itself.

This means that the brand is looking for influencers with profiles that match (one of) the categories for that campaign. If there is no match between the categories of a campaign and those on your profile, you cannot respond to the campaign. Read here how to add categories to your personal profile within Influentials.

Choose the categories that suit you

In order to give companies the best possible picture of who you are as an influencer, it is important that you classify yourself in the right categories. Do not choose the categories that you would like to have, but which really fits your profile. Unfortunately, we often see influencers assign themselves as many categories as possible, hoping to be chosen for campaigns more often. This often does not have the desired effect.

You have to see it this way: when a brand is looking for mommy bloggers but has to scroll through many applicants on a campaign of influencers who are clearly not mothers, it's more likely for the brand to get annoyed. The chances of influencers who are not mommy influencers are pretty low to be selected. That is precisely why we want to help you create a razor-sharp and appropriate profile of yourself with the right categories so that you make a good impression on brands and clearly show your identity.

What category suits you best?

When you are setting up your categories at Profile, you can choose from 15 categories to link to your account. To help you choose the right categories, we've provided a brief explanation of each so that you know what's below.

Art & Culture

With this, we see the profiles where it is clearly visible that one or more art forms are practised. Think of dance, painting, or acting.


With beauty, we see the profiles in which a passion for make-up, hair, and or skin products is clearly visible.


Often this category includes influencers who have a YouTube channel and vlog about their daily life. Sometimes they have their own (entertainment) series. Influencers who can be seen regularly on television (BNs) also fit this section. 


You fall under this category if you have an affinity with fashion and this is clearly visible in your profile. These influencers post daily posts of their outfits to inspire their followers.


This category includes influencers who have an affinity with a fit lifestyle. Bikini and or fitness photos fit well with this and the clothing is often sporty and close-fitting. Visible muscles often play a role as well.


Influencers with a passion for food are included. Sharing photos of dishes and recipes are a daily occurrence for these foodies and cooking skills are paramount.


Influencers who express their passion for electronic games fall under the category 'gaming'. Their (Youtube) videos often show how they play the games and they are at the forefront of the latest games and the associated accessories for playing.


Influencers that clearly show that they are concerned with health fall under this category. They make healthy choices every day and this is reflected in, for example, eating and exercising. Health is similar to the Fit category in many ways, but it's more about what's healthy (good for your body/mind) than what's visible on the outside (fit/slim physique).


Influencers who express their passion for interior belong to this genre. With their feed, they inspire their followers how they can decorate and/or decorate their home. (residential) establishments are central to the photos, often they are not.


This term has many different definitions. The word literally is translated from the English word 'lifestyle'. But of course, every influencer (and people in general) has a certain lifestyle, so what makes someone's category lifestyle? Within Influentials it starts with influencers who clearly express their lifestyle on their profile. Luxury often plays a major role in this: driving in car brand X, wearing a watch of brand Y. Clear preferences are visible. These influencers actually show how they live daily (where they eat out, shop, or go on vacation). These types of influencers can often be found at the latest hotspots or at openings of new clubs.

Mommy / Family

The Mommy category includes influencers who write / post about motherhood and everything that comes with it. Daddy's or Families are recommended to choose the category family They write about their experiences, review products, and post about their child's development. Recipes and household tips also regularly appear on these blogs.


This category includes all influencers who express their passion for music. This may have to do with, for example, producing music or singing. PLEASE NOTE: dancers move to music but are more concerned with communicating their art form, namely dancing. That is why they fall under Art & Culture and not under Music.


Sustainable focuses on the concepts of sustainability, ecological, responsible, green, and minimalism. Content creators who share content on a daily basis about how they make their lives more sustainable by, for example, eating vegetables, buying sustainably, minimizing, and using natural products fall into this category. Conscious choices are characteristic.


Travel includes all profiles that express their passion for travel. They inspire their followers every day by showing them the most beautiful places in the world. You often see nature photos on their profile and they are never in one place for long. .

Are your pets your niche? Then you should definitely choose this category if your furry friend appears a lot on the gram.

Choose up to 3 categories for a strong profile

You can select up to 3 categories. This way you can apply for campaigns you're a true match for. If you'd like to change your categories you can do so at settings > profile. By clicking on one of your currently selected categories it will be deleted. You can then search for a new category in the search bar above and select a new one. 

After reading this document, are you unsure which categories you should choose, or do you have another question? We are happy to help you and you can always contact us via chat on our website.