Ratings for influencers

This article provides you the information you need to know about rating a campaign and your rating score.

New feature alert! We launched another exciting new feature to the platform. From now on, you have to rate the campaign in order to finish it. But that's not all, brands can rate you too after a collaboration.

Let's start with rating a campaign. After you've uploaded your content to the platform, filled in all the data (you can read more about this here), and clicked the purple complete button a new window pops up:

The starring system works as follows: You're free to rate the campaign based on your experience. How did the communication between you and the brand go? Did you receive everything on time? Were you given enough time to create the content of high quality?  These are a few elements you can take into account when rating the campaign.

Providing feedback is optional. Though we highly encourage you to do so. Please notice that your rating can't be changed. If you give a 5-star rating, it won't be possible to change this afterward. All results are final, so make sure you fill in your honest review!

Since you can rate a campaign, the brand has the possibility to reflect on the collaboration as well. However, they're not obliged to do so. You're always free to ask them to rate you once the campaign has finished.

Your average rating score can be found on your profile page, just above your description. The score is based on the reviews you've received by brands.
If you click on it you can read all the feedback and individual scorings

Potential brands can see this score too, however, they can't see the reviews from other brands. They just see your average number:

If you have any further questions regarding ratings, don't hesitate to contact us by sending a mail to hello@influentials.network