How to receive your financial reward after a collaboration

This article gives you more information on what to provide on your invoice in order to receive your financial reward.

I totally understand that you want to be paid out as soon once you've completed your assignments. Just follow the 2 steps below and you have your financial reward in no time!

Step 1: Who's responsible for the payment?
Step 2: What information do I have to process in my invoice?

Who handles the payments?
Got everything loaded up on the platform? Are all statistics filled incorrectly? Then you're entitled to send your invoice and receive your financial reward. The brand probably told you already who's responsible for the payments through the messenger on Influentials. They should have let you know by now if they will pay out the reward themselves or if we, Influentials, will do it. This information is important for you, so you know who you have to send your invoice.

What information do I have to process in my invoice?
When you know who's handling the payments, it's time to set up your invoice.
To make it a little easier for you, we've set up this invoice format. You just fill in the blanks and your own information. This way you know for sure nothing is missing.

Download invoice form

Most of the information should be clear. Below, I'll define a few terms to prevent them from being filled in incorrectly:

  • Invoice number: Fill in your self-chosen invoice number. This number can be traced back to your payment and serves as a reference number
  • Invoice date: Fill in the date of the day you send your invoice. (PLEASE NOTICE: this is not the date of the campaign, not the date of finishing your assignments). From this day on, your term of payment will start.
  • Campaign-name + numbers: Influencers and campaigns have their own unique numbers. You can find this number at your assignments. You need to mention this number, otherwise, we won't be able to process your invoice.

Other terms and conditions:

✓ Send your invoice after successfully completing the campaign.
✓ Is Influentials taking care of the payments? Send your invoice to
✓ We thrive to pay you out within 30 days of receiving your invoice, our max. term of payment is 60 days.
✓ ALWAYS send your invoice as a PDF document.
✓ Mention the complete campaign number on your invoice.

Left with questions? Feel free to ask and send them to