How to connect Facebook and Instagram

In this article, we tell you more about accessing the Influentials platform and connecting your socials.
First things first, you need to have a Facebook account to create your Influentials account and log in. Is it possible to create an Influentials account without Facebook? Unfortunately not. Thanks to Facebook we can make it possible to track your Instagram activities and for you to upload your content for campaigns. 

Connect your Instagram to your Facebook Page

First things first, you have to make sure that the Instagram you would like to connect to the platform, is synced with a Facebook page. No worries, you don't have to be active on the page, but the connection is very important to make use of the Influentials platform. Don't have a Facebook page yet? Then follow the next steps:

1. Open Instagram.
Go to your own profile page and click the Edit Profile (Bewerken) button. 

 2. Go to Page  > Connect or Create

3. Click Create Facebook Page (or connect an existing page) and follow the steps.

Once you've created your page. You should be able to select your page, like so:

Please notice, your Facebook page must be set on 'published'. You can change this on Facebook > your page > settings > select general > scroll down to 'visibility page':

And that's it! Now you can go back to Influentials and connect your Instagram.

Connect Facebook and Instagram to Influentials

Now it's time to connect your Facebook and Instagram to the Influentials platform. In the video, we'll take you through the steps.
It's important to start with Facebook on the managing page of your Facebook page. Here you can see if it's synced with the right Instagram page.