TikTok: How to connect my TikTok on Influentials?

Yes! Influentials is the very first influencer platform in the Benelux to welcome TikTok!
Got a TikTok account? Let's connect it and start your first TikTok campaign. All you got to do is follow the steps below. Please note, you'll need at least 1.000 followers on Tiktok in order to connect your TikTok.

Step 1: Switch it on!

Just like any other social, swipe the dragger to the right, a new window will open. Just hit the next button.

Step 2: Enter your username

Next up is filling in your TikTok username. Please notice that it's case sensitive! Just fill in your username correctly otherwise, we won't be able to find it.

Step 3: Code

After filling in your username, you should receive a random code. 

  1. Copy the code
  2. Go to TikTok and look up our Influentials TikTok account
  3. Follow us and post the code you've just copied in a comment under the latest TikTok video.

This way, we can prevent users to sign up for someone else's TikTok account and we'll know for sure you're certified if the code you've sent us matches the code we just gave to you.

Step 4: Connected?

We have to review your account first before you're officially connected. So this means you need at least 1.000 followers in order to be 'accepted' other factors we look at are your niche, the number of videos, if you're a fit for our brands, etc. It usually takes up to 24 hours till your TikTok is connected (or not). If you connect it on Friday or over the weekend you'll know on Monday.

Once you're approved, your TikTok will be connected automatically. If you wish to disconnect your TikTok simply send us a mail or message and will get it done.

TikTok Data

We'll be able to fetch the following data of your TikTok account once a day:

  • Diggs: How many 'likes' .
  • Likes (on profile): The total amount of likes you've received on all your videos. 
  • Followers: This shows how many people follow you on TikTok
  • Following: This shows how many people you follow on TikTok

Good to know

From now on you can find TikTok campaigns on the marketplace for which you have to complete special TikTok assignments: 'Post a TikTok video'. You can complete the assignment by selecting your video and filling out your insights (comparable to an Instagram video assignment).