How to extract your instagram story video

Warning! You need to have a creator or business account in order to complete your assignments.

How to upload your story?

Step 1 

  • Download your story on your phone/desktop from your archive on Instagram (wait at least 24 hours before you do this). Once you've downloaded your story it should be either a .MOV or .mp4 file (in case of a video) or a .mp4 file (if it's a photo.) In order to upload your story, make sure to name it correctly. For example name-campaign-story1.mp4
  • Select the picture or video in the platform and move on to step 2

Step 2

  • Make screenshots of your story statistics and add them in step 2 in 'Images"
  • Can't find them? Check the steps below
  • Go to your Instagram account and tap the '3 stripes'

  • Go to 'archive' 

  • Select stories

  • Tap on the story and click on the 'chart' symbol
  • Make screenshots of the data. In order to upload your screenshot, make sure to name it correctly. For example name-campaign-stats1.png

Step 3

  • Fill in all the data 

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